Why most of the prestigious exams adopted online examination system?

With a total candidate turnover varying in lakhs every year, competitive exams are sure a huge point of gimmick for the students in India who aspire to become engineers and doctors. Exams like GRE, GMAT, GATE and CAT are some of the most eminent exams which serve as a platform for the entrance of these students into reputable colleges. Now it is quite evident that addressing lakhs of students at a time is a logistical torment.

Waste of time in covering the distance

Basic requirement of conducting paper-based test is looking for test center that has the capacity to accommodate the student ratio ranging in lakhs. So this is the reason why mostly exam centers fall in the colleges that are in backward areas creating havoc for the students who have to cover quite a distance. Then, say the exam gets delayed due to some unfinished protocol or maybe due to some skepticism in the process- this sure sounds like a nightmare. Online exam platform to conduct online tests is the most suitable way to bring down these unwanted hurdles in order to conduct an exam.

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