Disruption and Reform in LMS

The jolts and bolts of disruption in the education industry have challended knowledge hungry brains as the revolution has been extended well into the four years marked for change.

We have known eras of  discovery and invention, and been empowered with great wealth for individuality, creativity and learning in the past. Yet we no longer compare with past icons and figureheads. Controls, standards and values emerge again and again, only to fade away out of view.

Education, as we knew it, has been on hold for some time. Colleges and Institutes of learning face shut downs around us. Digital libraries and LMS have emerged as process in the new era of digital citizenship to which all educaion must belong.

Delays and hardships have been prolonged more than expectations. The reason has been that the colossal past emerged from an unseen value, issue and machinery that no longer exists. The systems that we are empowered to teach through old criterion of accreditation, hold less value in the wake of the immense innovative landscape and robotic instruction medium.

In brief, robotics now do the work that humans used to do. A teacher was assigned a job to evaluate an essay from the student. Now digitial bots do the evaluation, match scores and metrics to assess and support learning. The careers planned ahead are based on the digital revolution involving advanced categories as satelites and robots.

Careers have a new definition for educators and learners at this time. Trained human resource is scarce to the system. Interns are hired to train in the organized satelite sectors that operate the industrial machinery as  with finance, accounting, administration, Information Technology, data security or related.

The value of learning rests in process that aids communication and supports knowledge growth. he outcome is important as is the skill acquired at the end of the program.

Students are advised to follow self paced learning at home, or meet with community training support, through LMS or through practical opportunities.

The past has faded away. Its systems may recede underground and exist where we need not confront a decadent old world based on confused laws, social and business norms.

In times of significant achievement and available infrastructure beyond ordinary potential, learners and educators must hail the medium of the LMS which provides clear indicators on individual and collective progress.

The task before us is alignment with security, science and strength. The lessons of our forefathers, their wars and worships, have arranged an end of world not known. The present must meet with hope and best practises in humanities future evolution.

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