Artificial Intelligence and Netflix Approach to eLearning

Could the Netflix model for content serving be applied to eLearning?

Who among us is unfamiliar with the ‘Netflix Binge’ – “coming to” after somehow winding up 4 episodes deep into a TV show, hours after we had intended to hit the hay? (…guilty as charged!)

A quick recap: the hugely popular entertainment platform and subscription-based service delivers movies and TV shows to 103M+ customers worldwide, all of which are likely familiar with its intuitive user interface. Netflix makes it easy to find new content by bundling related media in groups while its recommendation engine – on the basis of an individual’s activity history – suggests other content to users they may not even have known they wanted served to them.

In light of Netflix’s success, we’ve seen other companies try to copy its model, but mainly in the B2C space. So, what about applying aspects of the Netflix model to a corporate strategy, particularly eLearning?

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